Absence Notification Procedures:

When a student is absent, s/he must bring a note from a parent or guardian stating the reason s/he was absent. If a student is absent due to illness a doctor’s note is required. A student and/or parent should present the note to their Alpha Office before class on the first day of his/her return following the absence.

A-Cheq Alpha Office:

Kelly Trace at 512-464-4013

Cher-Ka Alpha Office:

Tammy Truan at 512-464-4017

Ke-Po Alpha Office:

Lorrie Ricks at 512-464-4064

Pr-Sp Alpha Office:

Pam Parks at 512-464-4019

Sr-Z Alpha Office:

Kathy Becker at 512-464-4015

For attendance procedures and policy related questions, please email